New Venue Will Boost Visitor Numbers

The switch of venue for the Expo to a custom-fitted retail space will benefit stand holders and visitor numbers.

It is situated in the middle of the majority of our suburbs, is accessible and has plenty of undercover and outside parking. It is a beautiful double volume space with wonderful lighting, air conditioning and large backyard space for off-loading.

Little wonder it is so good. Mr Price has very high standards for their stores!

So we have chosen to host this year’s Big Deal Expo in the former Mr Price store in the Moffett on Main Lifestyle Centre. It has everything that you look for in a venue for a consumer show and is very welcoming. The changes in layout work really well and it just feels so good.

Thanks so much to The Boardwalk for the option of hosting the Expo at their venue and offering us a really good deal. We really appreciate it and thank you for so graciously understanding the move.