The Big Deal Lifestyle Expo is the future of presenting your product and interacting directly with your potential customers.

It’s a unique economic time in our Metro and we know that this is the Right Expo at the Right Time.  It is a bold new show concept that is built on innovating the way we market to those that we will bring to your stand.

There are 3 main messages to our marketing. Firstly, and especially relevant in these times, is that the Expo offers Big Deals and research shows that customers find it hard to resist this offer. It’s good old-fashioned FOMO…they don’t want to be left out of what their neighbours and friends might get for a lesser price than them. Secondly, people feel better after a bit of retail therapy when they are stressed. The latest research says that it flows like this: feel stress→ buy something→ get burst of dopamine→ feel better.

Finally, this is more than a Home Show or a Holiday Show. These often exclude potential customers as they are not interested in these products and ideas at the time of the Expo. It will feature many aspects of our Lifestyles and it is sure to find some traction with a wider range of potential customers who you can develop as prospects.

The Expo has been conceptualised and developed by Bev van Eck and Bev Wattrus. We are experienced Expo organisers who have built trust in Nelson Mandela Bay and we are backed by marketing expert Shaun van Eck and Magnetic Storm event organiser Glenn van Eck.

We have squeezed the keenest stand rates and exposure options for you. It will be the biggest annual Expo in Nelson Mandela Bay, both by attendee numbers and stand space.

Partner with us and meet your future customers!

Meet Our Team

Big Deal Lifestyle Expo - Bev Wattrus

Bev Wattrus : Bev W is a veteran of 21 consumer expo’s held in Nelson Mandela Bay over the past 20 years.
She knows how to look after clients & exhibitors and will make sure you get the best value out of your time at the Big Deal Lifestyle Expo. Look out for Bev²s daily hints of how to have a successful expo.

Big Deal Lifestyle Expo - Bev van Eck

Bev Van Eck: Bev V is an experienced event organiser of expo’s and top national events.
Her bubbly personality specialises in creating expo ideas that customers respond to.
Keep a look out for Bev²s daily hints of how to be a successful exhibitor.

Big Deal Lifestyle Expo - Shaun van Eck

Shaun van Eck: Marketing specialist, strategist, innovator and Winner of the East Cape Marketer of the year award is heading up our marketing.
He will not only be contributing to the success of how many visitors will be attending our Expo in August but will also be sending out valuable business hints for exhibitors on a weekly basis.

Big Deal Lifestyle Expo - Glenn van Eck

Glenn is CEO of the well-known events & audio-visual company, Magnetic Storm. He has organised many large events including the 2010 World cup Fan Parks in the Eastern Cape, conceptualised and run the Peoples Ports Festival in Nelson Mandela Bay for the past 2 years. He is on the SAACI National Board & is one of the only Certified Meetings Professional’s in SA. We are very privileged to have him on our team.

Big Deal Lifestyle Expo - Tracy Dearden

Tracy is the CEO of Bounce Media, an affiliate to the popular Bounce Promotions Brand. She has 18 years of marketing experience, five of which are in Social Media Management, other locally and internationally. Bounce Media specialises in Brand Building, Brand Awareness, Marketing Planning, Social Media and Influencer Management, as well as Outsourcing virtual agents.   Personal and customer-driven strategies, which strive to innovate unique customer engagements and conversations, are the trademark of Tracy’s work. This is what differentiates her work and customer successes from the norm in the over-communicated social landscape.